The Best Web Designing Trends to Look For

The trends in web designing in Surrey keep changing with time. Considering the speed with which technology is changing, new website features and ideas increase customer expectations from time to time. While there are some aspects of website designing that are always popular, there are others which are prominent present day trends.

Here’s a list of some popular trends of website designing in Surrey that web designers need to watch for 2017.

Non-Stop Scrolling

Gone are the days when designers worked hard to design different pages for a website. One trend that most website designers now follow is non-stop scrolling and single page websites.

Though many people find it boring, it is way more convenient and ease-giving for the reader as there is no need to flip pages. This design has a ‘go to top’ button on the side too. Be it a small website, where you don’t have a lot of text to display or something that has a lot to be explained, this is one of the most popular trends presently.

Component and Module Design

Instead of brainstorming over the designs of all the pages completely and separately, designers prefer module or component design. This design is time-saving and does not involve extra effort which is otherwise required in mocking the layouts first and then have the implementation. Some basic things like navigation, search section, same elements that would be repeated at different places, etc. are designed differently as a component to save time.

Minimal Designs and Mobile Friendly Layout

Calligraphic fonts, artistic and minimalistic designing is becoming popular. These aspects are important for an impactful presence online. Moreover, considering the rising use of smartphone users and importance of SEO, every business must have a mobile friendly website. Responsive websites that work best on varied devices are a preference of all business owners in the present day digital world. A website that is not responsive is sure to lose a major chunk of prospective clients.

Animations and Videos

The use of animations is constantly increasing in the process of website designing and this trend is here to stay. One change which will however be noticeable is the quality and style of animations being used. Use of background animation is another aspect that has caught attention these days. Animations and videos make the design interactive as well as interesting. Moreover, it adds better visibility to the website.

Reduced Usage of Stock Images

Every customer values originality. The focus of website designing is shifting from stock images to authentic original images that the customers can relate to. It helps to establish a connection of a product or a brand with the audience.

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