UX Design and UI Design Are Different – Let’s Tell You How

UI design and UX design are the different aspects of web designing though many times the terms are used interchangeably. The role of the UI designer is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of a website and that of the UX designer is to improve the user-oriented features of the website but the goal of both the types of designers is to ultimately please the user.

There is a whole lot of difference between the UI and the UX designers in terms of aim, purpose, approach, responsibility, application, process and tools used by each. Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

Process: Through the process of UI design, the users obtain attractive product, where as through the process of UX designing, users obtain a product that is easy-to-operate. Thus you can say that UI or User Interface design is the technique of guiding users through the product’s interface with the help of interactive elements across various platforms. UX design is the technique of optimizing the user-oriented features of a product.

Aim: The main aim of the UI designer is to enhance the overall feel of a product and that of a UX designer is to enhance the ease of operation of the product.

Approach: The approach of a UX designer is analytical and technical, where as that of a UI designer is graphical. The UX designer makes use of techniques to enhance the usability of a product, where as UI designer makes use of methods to enhance the visual appeal of a product and his approach is purely graphical.

Application: UX design in theory is a non digital practice and can be applied to cognitive science, sociology and various industries though it is predominantly used in the digital industry. UI design on the other hand is solely applied to the digital industry.

Responsibility:  The responsibility of the UI designer is to develop a front-end visually appealing design. The responsibility of the UX designer is enhancing the user experience of the product and that is done by creating personas, developing prototypes, carrying out research and user testing and determining of user stories.

Tools: Both the UX and the UI designers use separate set of tools for designing.

Some of the common tools used by the UX designer are

  • Flinto: A prototyping tool used on Mac
  • Sketch: It is an interface design tool.
  • Iconjar: This is an icon organizing and storing tool.

Some of the common tools used by the UI designer are

  • Photoshop CC: This tool helps the images of the platform to look real
  • Illustrator CC: Helps to control prototype easily.
  • GitHub: This tool permits the writing of commendable code fast.
  • Flinto: This tool helps to design products to be used on iPhones.

This sums up the difference between the UX and the UI designers. Bedi Creative offers digital services like providing crisp and responsive website design, effective internet marketing and e-commerce solutions. We have skilled in-house UX and UI designers who can create interactive and responsive websites to boost online traffic for the owner’s website. Avail our services to see the difference.


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