E-Commerce Web Design: The Dos And Don’ts

The web design of an e-commerce website forms its backbone. The success of the site highly depends on this factor. It is also of prime importance from the point of view of SEO. Thus, you must always ensure to pay utmost attention to the designing of your website. You might be offering ground-breaking products to your customers but if the design of the website is not appealing to them then you can never reach the desired sales level. Customers must be offered an effortless process of checkout because their time is quite precious and they do not prefer to spend much time at a particular website. Thus, website designing has certain dos and don’ts which must be kept in mind while you design an e-commerce website for your company.

The Dos:

  • Concise And Simple: There is no need to stuff your website with irrelevant data as it is quite annoying for the users. Instead, try to keep the structure of the site simple and neat. Focus on providing contents that are relevant and useful for the customers.
  • Working Links: Broken and misleading links can be highly frustrating for the visitors. Make sure that the links you provide on the site lead them at the right destination.
  • Navigation: Offer the ease and convenience of navigation to the users. Complex designs can make navigation difficult. If the visitors get confused on visiting your site then they would not hesitate instant switching to the other one. So make sure that the site gets designed in a user-friendly manner. Reputed companies offering website designing services always recommend customers to include the ‘buy now’ link in their website which are quite effective in initiating sales.
  • Simple Language: The use of bombastic language can never impress your visitors. They mainly visit your website for purchasing products and not for determining the refined quality of language that you use in your content. Thus, use lucid language to offer relevant information to the customers which helps them in making purchases instantly. 

The Don’ts:

  • Do Not Let Your Customers Have A Lot Of Queries: Proper descriptions about the product, the customer reviews and assistance of your staff members help in the sale of your items. The customers build up trust on the website. The absence of all these give rise to lot of questions in the minds of the visitors which inversely affects the sales.
  • Do Not Design A Site That Takes Too Much Time For Loading: Adding of too much video, images and audios contribute in making the site slow rather than making it attractive. The customers get frustrated when the loading time is too longer. So make sure you do not stuff unnecessary audios and images which affect the functioning of the website.

Do Not Make Use Of Irrelevant Software: Making your customers download and then install software to view the site is not at all a desirable option to be used. Try to make things simple for them.

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