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Top Essential Elements of UX Designing

User experience is the satisfaction obtained by a user on using your website and that can be due to its layout, navigation, security, ease of operation or intuitiveness of the sitemap.

It is impossible to find an all-embracing solution while designing a website as user experience is based on governing the design impact of a website on a user’s perception but even then all designers work with certain criteria or specifications which are stated below. Here we discuss the top elements that are essential for every UX design.

Navigability is an element that should be kept in mind while designing a website. It is the ease of operating a website that contributes significantly in increasing the online traffic. Easily navigable and user-oriented website is indeed essential, if you wish to stand amongst the competition. Users become frustrated with websites having complex layout and where they have to strive hard to find information. Your content should be easily accessible to the users. A badly coded website does not feature on the topmost positions of search engines.

A website should be of some use to the users. A poorly designed website fails to pull traffic and on the other hand well-designed websites like Facebook and Twitter have become popular among users as they serve to be an essential platform where the users can socialize , connect, post pictures, messages etc. They are now considered to be the largest social networks. Since these websites prove to be useful for the users or visitors, they serve as effective marketing tools where many online visitors are converted to potential customers. Thus the usefulness of a website cannot be undermined.

The enticing element pulls users to a website. For instance, social networks like Facebook, is about flaunting one’s appearance and feeling good; games are related to winning; professional network such as LinkedIn is about opportunities. Thus every website should have an element where there is a feel good factor related to it and users can gain something out of it.


One of the main elements in UX designing is realizing the worth of a website. It is should be user-oriented and with thorough research of demographics you will know what are the reasons that brings traffic to your website. A website should be designed in a way that it is useful to both the visitor and owner. A website can have lots of product descriptions but absence of secured payment system can ruin it. This would ultimately lead to losing on visitors and ultimately potential customers. Thus despite having an informative and easily navigable website, you would be losing out on customers due to an unsafe payment system. Thus it is important to realize what is of more worth to your target customers.

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UX Design and UI Design Are Different – Let’s Tell You How

UI design and UX design are the different aspects of web designing though many times the terms are used interchangeably. The role of the UI designer is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of a website and that of the UX designer is to improve the user-oriented features of the website but the goal of both the types of designers is to ultimately please the user.

There is a whole lot of difference between the UI and the UX designers in terms of aim, purpose, approach, responsibility, application, process and tools used by each. Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

Process: Through the process of UI design, the users obtain attractive product, where as through the process of UX designing, users obtain a product that is easy-to-operate. Thus you can say that UI or User Interface design is the technique of guiding users through the product’s interface with the help of interactive elements across various platforms. UX design is the technique of optimizing the user-oriented features of a product.

Aim: The main aim of the UI designer is to enhance the overall feel of a product and that of a UX designer is to enhance the ease of operation of the product.

Approach: The approach of a UX designer is analytical and technical, where as that of a UI designer is graphical. The UX designer makes use of techniques to enhance the usability of a product, where as UI designer makes use of methods to enhance the visual appeal of a product and his approach is purely graphical.

Application: UX design in theory is a non digital practice and can be applied to cognitive science, sociology and various industries though it is predominantly used in the digital industry. UI design on the other hand is solely applied to the digital industry.

Responsibility:  The responsibility of the UI designer is to develop a front-end visually appealing design. The responsibility of the UX designer is enhancing the user experience of the product and that is done by creating personas, developing prototypes, carrying out research and user testing and determining of user stories.

Tools: Both the UX and the UI designers use separate set of tools for designing.

Some of the common tools used by the UX designer are

  • Flinto: A prototyping tool used on Mac
  • Sketch: It is an interface design tool.
  • Iconjar: This is an icon organizing and storing tool.

Some of the common tools used by the UI designer are

  • Photoshop CC: This tool helps the images of the platform to look real
  • Illustrator CC: Helps to control prototype easily.
  • GitHub: This tool permits the writing of commendable code fast.
  • Flinto: This tool helps to design products to be used on iPhones.

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Tips To Remember While Choosing a Web Development Company

With all the businesses getting digitized and people making the most out of internet, the number of web development companies has increased with an unmatchable speed. Most of you choose a web development company based on references and affordability or even online ranking of the website. However, in the selection process noting some common points is imperative while choosing a web development company.

Here are some tips from Bedi Creative, a reputed web development company in Canada.


Though there is nothing wrong in giving a chance to a new company to prove their mettle, you development project might be at risk. Check out the details related to experience they have as a brand, the clients they have dealt with, and the experience their team has in dealing with the web development needs that you have. While discussing with the company, you can ask them intricate questions that help you understand their depth and experience in handling similar web development assignments.


Web development is a job that involves a lot of work across different areas and work profiles. The quality of team members handling your work needs to be clear. At any stage be it planning, designing, content management, development or testing, having one problematic member can let you lag behind and affect the success of the end-result you are aiming at. You can ask the company to arrange a meeting with all the people who would be working on the development so as to have a clear picture.


Web development is not a process where the web developers would sit overnight and finish the work for your website. Moreover, the process isn’t over just when the designing is done. There can be various lags that would come to notice at a later stage. Further, post development, the website would need regular maintenance. So make sure the company you are choosing assigns a specific person or contact point to whom you can speak to in case of problems. Being good in terms response timing and response quality definitely is a must have characteristic for a web development company.

Quality of Initial Interaction

When you plan to choose a company with considerable experience and expertise in developing websites, you can spot it from the initial interactions. Check if you get some constructive suggestions that can improve the way your website can be developed. The company should have a pro-active attitude and willingness towards giving an effective end-product and also the guts to clearly tell you if your idea would be a bad decision to implement.


Ask the charges clearly and try to know each aspect that is charged separately. Many companies offer packages where they include services like hosting, SEO, etc. as well. So get a clear picture about what you would get as a part of the package and what would be the additional charges.

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The Best Web Designing Trends to Look For

The trends in web designing in Surrey keep changing with time. Considering the speed with which technology is changing, new website features and ideas increase customer expectations from time to time. While there are some aspects of website designing that are always popular, there are others which are prominent present day trends.

Here’s a list of some popular trends of website designing in Surrey that web designers need to watch for 2017.

Non-Stop Scrolling

Gone are the days when designers worked hard to design different pages for a website. One trend that most website designers now follow is non-stop scrolling and single page websites.

Though many people find it boring, it is way more convenient and ease-giving for the reader as there is no need to flip pages. This design has a ‘go to top’ button on the side too. Be it a small website, where you don’t have a lot of text to display or something that has a lot to be explained, this is one of the most popular trends presently.

Component and Module Design

Instead of brainstorming over the designs of all the pages completely and separately, designers prefer module or component design. This design is time-saving and does not involve extra effort which is otherwise required in mocking the layouts first and then have the implementation. Some basic things like navigation, search section, same elements that would be repeated at different places, etc. are designed differently as a component to save time.

Minimal Designs and Mobile Friendly Layout

Calligraphic fonts, artistic and minimalistic designing is becoming popular. These aspects are important for an impactful presence online. Moreover, considering the rising use of smartphone users and importance of SEO, every business must have a mobile friendly website. Responsive websites that work best on varied devices are a preference of all business owners in the present day digital world. A website that is not responsive is sure to lose a major chunk of prospective clients.

Animations and Videos

The use of animations is constantly increasing in the process of website designing and this trend is here to stay. One change which will however be noticeable is the quality and style of animations being used. Use of background animation is another aspect that has caught attention these days. Animations and videos make the design interactive as well as interesting. Moreover, it adds better visibility to the website.

Reduced Usage of Stock Images

Every customer values originality. The focus of website designing is shifting from stock images to authentic original images that the customers can relate to. It helps to establish a connection of a product or a brand with the audience.

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Bedi Creative – Responsive Design

Bedi Creative’s create the ultimate user experience for your website, it must have the right elements working together. Everything that can be absorbed by one’s eyes and ears, can be clicked on or be filled in, plays a crucial part in bringing the experience together..

It’s about carefully designing a specialized responsive design company which has the adaptability to fit in to different screen resolutions,in a optimum way. As the likes of Smart phones, Kindles, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops is gradually increasing as a trend all over the world, across an extensive range of devices. Responsive websites use a fluid grid layout themes that adapts and responds to your user. Meaning that you are able to maintain a website that will serve all of your customers, no matter wherever they are exploring it.In Responsive Designs, we offer you, the lineament approach to provide you a cohesive experience of gadgets with the rhythmic effect of flexible image sizes and grid-based system. We are a specialized Responsive Designs company in determining the trend around the world.